The first edition of the International Film Festival In Movie Fest 2021 may have Kevin Spacey as president of the jury of the “Official Golden Eagle Selection“. The news is not yet confirmed but many Italian newspapers are already talking about it.
The festival will take place from 24 August to 2 September 2021 in Italy, in the regions of Abruzzo, Marche and Molise.

The aim of the festival is to create new artistic adventures to try to overcome socio-cultural crises and make the world understand that even the most decentralized or unknown places can give life to a new artistic and intellectual idea, so that the world can be regenerated. of new ideas. In Movie Fest it embodies the modernization of human relationships, often conflictual and denial that human beings have with the truth, and the opportunity to become aware by breaking the order of things, bringing about a change for the new generations.

In Movie Fest wants to make the artistic and cultural heritage accessible to the most decentralized or unknown places of culture, and in particular to give space to independent cinematographic works, which may never be enhanced or taken into consideration by the existing major international festivals. Within the Festival, despite being an International Film Festival, we will also deepen the issues of the environment, human and social rights, and it will be a strongly feminine festival.

Source: In Movie Fest, MyMovies

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