This story won’t be an easy story to read, it won’t be a happy story and won’t have a happy ending, but it is something I want to tell you about because it has to do with Kevin Spacey and one of the people I loved most in the world: my father.

Many months ago my father was diagnosed with cancer, he spent the last months of his life in a bed. My father has always been a great lover of cinema and, as such, has seen hundreds of movies. I found myself in trouble when, confined to a bed, he asked me to recommend some movies to watch because boredom haunted him. After recommending dozens of films he had already seen I remembered our common passion for Kevin Spacey, the best actor of his generation. So I proposed an alternative solution to my father, “Dad, why don’t you start a TV series? I suggest you House of Cards”. My father, always skeptical about TV series, decided to give him a chance when he learned that the protagonist was Kevin Spacey, whom he loved so much.

So, my father started House of Cards and the more days passed, the more my father became passionate, the weaker his body became. Unfortunately, in the middle of the fifth season, my father’s condition worsened and he was no longer able to see the series so, just a few days before his death, he asked me to tell him how House of Cards ended, What happened with Frank and Claire, and Doug? How he ended up?

I lied to him, I told him MY ending, a different ending. I told him about the struggle for power between Frank and Claire, I told him about their now destroyed relationship, about a Frank who finds his conscience, and comes to terms with his crimes shortly before he was killed. (like a modern Richard III) and how Claire could not go unpunished, and how Doug had defended his friend by ending his wife’s life. In short, my father liked the ending, a very different ending, but a right ending, with Frank Underwood in the last season of our favorite series.

Maybe my father, up there, discovered my lie, but maybe … he preferred my ending.

Thanks Dad, for being a wonderful father and thank you Kevin, for having entertained, with one of your best works, the last days of life of one of the most important people of my existence.

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