Who We Are

We are a group of people who in 2017 decided to create a website to support Kevin Spacey through messages and contributions of his supporters. At first we were only a few people but within a month we reached hundreds of supporters to show the world how much this artist was loved and missed by many. This site has become a reference point also for all those who want news about Kevin Spacey or want to read thoughts and experiences of other fans.

We’re independent and we’re not in contact with Kevin Spacey or his staff.

What We want

Our mission is to support an artist who given us a lot, and to give him back some joy and affection in this difficult time. so you can send any message that comes from the heart: a wish, the phrase of a book, a song, your thoughts… in short, be creative. So please feel free to express yourself and give space to your creativity, to support Kevin Spacey and all those who feel orphans of his art.

What we do NOT want

We don’t want and, therefore, we won’t publish:

Racist, pornographic and offensive messages against people who have written on this website or its administrators. We won’t post messages that may offend someone, that can denigrate those who have felt victims of alleged inappropriate behavior held by Kevin Spacey or offend the actor himself. We reserve the right to modify messages or not to publish them, if they do not comply with our guidelines.

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We hope you’ll can enjoy this space. For doubts, questions and clarifications, contact us