Hello everyone, my name is Alfonso and I am a Spanish actor. I want to tell you my story because it was a real adventure and because I strongly believe that art shouldn’t be erased. Ever since I was a child, my desire has always been to act on stage, and thanks to my parents’ encouragement, I have succeeded. I still remember those moments I spent on the couch watching movies and my dad showed me the usual Suspects and American Beauty said to me: “Alfonso, Kevin Spacey is the greatest actor of all time, if you want to do this job, take inspiration from him“. Unfortunately, my father is no longer here today, but I continued to follow Kevin and his films, hoping to have at least in quarter of his talent.

In 2011 I was a young broke actor, when I learned that Kevin spacey would take his Richard III around the world. As an actor, my dream was to see him live at Epidaurus, in Greece… So I looked in the mirror and I said: “why not?
I didn’t have much money at the time, so my friends took a collection to pay for my show ticket, they knew how much I cared, and they wanted to give me this gift. For months I did a lots of jobs to raise some money so I could go to Greece to see the show. In the morning I worked in the pool, I taught the children to swim, in the afternoon I was a personal trainer in the gym and in the evening I worked as a bartender until 4 in the morning. In my spare time, I would go downtown and recite Shakespeare’s monologues on the street to make some extra money.

A few days before the show I left for Greece. Since I love adventure I decided to avoid any kind of comfort and to camp. At the campsite I met many new friends and found that many of them were there for the show and shared with me the passion for the theatre. I went with them to the show and it was exciting, an interpretation that left me speechless. Seeing Kevin Spacey live isn’t at all like watching him in the cinema or on television It’s pure art and talent, I’ve never seen such interpretations in my life. I look forward to seeing him again in the theatre, and I hope you all can too, because it is like seeing the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso paintings, the Sagrada Familia… in short, is ART and art must not be wasted.
The emotions that the show has left me, will carry with me forever and I will continue to hope to give the audience even a little thrill, like those that I could have at the Epidaurus on that hot summer evening in front of Kevin spacey.

Kevin, this is a message for you: don’t waste your talent, so many actors are inspired by you and believe in you, living with the hope of knowing you or seeing you live. You never let us down, and we believe in you.

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