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MY SPACEY STORY: “How Kevin Spacey helped me get out of my funk”

I started binging on House of Cards in August 2018. It was a time where I seem to be in a funk and did not know why. Watching just two episodes of House of Cards I was hooked on Kevin Spacey. As a previous writer said I became obsessed (a good one). I watched all 55 or so movies, NOW and all the tv programs he was on. Bought Beyond the Sea and listen to it. Watching Kevin Spacey helped me get out of my funk. I have to say, Thank You and I will always support you. To me

MY SPACEY STORY: “His art brought joy to our lives”

Here’s my story. I watched American Beauty and was totally impressed by Kevin Spacey‘s acting. He is amazing icon and should not be erased forever from our screens okay so he’s done somewhat questionable things in the past. I mean come on people it’s ridiculous the things being said. He is not that man he is great he has helped me a lot over the years just being a fan. Big thanks Kevin! But he is a kind sensitive and very professional guy I will always support him because he is my hero of films thank you for bringing much

MY SPACEY STORY: “Kevin Spacey saved me from committing suicide”

In 1996, an unexpected tragedy hit me, and I was housebound for almost two years. During this time, I revisited different film genres, expanding my interest. Kevin Spacey was a name I knew as he appeared in a film with Jack Nicholson and had four hits around 95-96. However, I started really watching him, analyzing his characters and films. A brilliant actor was, indeed, in front of me. I fell madly in love with him. As stupid as that sounds, it is true. I fell in love with a celebrity. My days were filled with writing analytical papers of his

MY SPACEY STORY: “Good times bad times”

Hi! I have been watching Kevin Spacey since I was so young at the age of 8. When House of Cards came about I instantly knew I was hooked! My cousin who is so damn dear to me and I watched House of Cards together and I always cherished the memories! I remember I was going through such brutal harsh times with problems form a girl… I related to Frank. We all have skeletons in our closets but if you have reptile skin you will take on the whole world as I felt the weight of the universe was on

MY SPACEY STORY: “Me, She, Spacey and the Usual Suspects”

I was writing for an online paper. That was a transition period from a phase of my life, that changed things for ever. I started writing for giving me a new pursuit, through something I know I can do well: talking about what I like. During the first period in that editorial board, the Spacey’s coming out happened. For me, as a fan, it hitted me, I was sorry for him, because there were bad reasons under that declaration, something unfair happened to him. There was a girl, working with me, we never talked before that day, but I knew she were

MY SPACEY STORY: “Then I met Kevin, he was and still the most interesting and smart man I’ve ever known!”

I met Kevin some years ago. I was so scared and full of expectation. I just wanna work on a movie set, met famous actors and enjoyed those moments. I had no idea on what I had to do with my life, I was just a young boy with cinema dreams and no money. My parents weren’t happy about my prospective of future, and I was ready to face alot of difficult  moments. Then I met Kevin, he was and still the most interesting and smart man I’ve ever known! I was mesmerized by his talent and his lack of fear of

MY SPACEY STORY: How i became and I’ll ever be a big Kevin Spacey fan

You’ll never know how you begin to have a crush for someone famous, or why. There are ones who call themselves fans, but they’re just the artist ones, others, instead, understand that there’s a personality in what they like. And that personality is essential. Kevin has a wonderful personality. Some years ago a great english friend of mine, told me that everybody said that he looks like Kevin Spacey. I didn’t know who Kevin Spacey was, then I watched K-Pax, and I had the crush. I tried to reach him, and I saw his Twitter account. So I said, why not

MY SPACEY STORY: “Kevin Spacey Is The Actor Of My Life”

Never in my life have i had a favorite actor, people would always ask who is my number one all time favorite but i never had an answer for them. I would just say some random actor who is currently popular. But that had all changed when I had finally watched House of Cards. I had fallen in love in how Kevin Spacey played the character, he had truly changed my life. I have never been so interested in a person, I never had wanted to meet a person so badly in my life before. I had went back and watched all

MY SPACEY STORY: “The year was 2011 and I went to see Richard III”

My Kevin Spacey Story. The year was 2011. I went to see Richard III both in Beijing and then in Sydney. I wasn’t lucky enough to book myself a good seat in Beijing. By good seat, I mean the first 5 rows from the stage, so that I could see clearly Kevin’s facial expressions. Despite that, Kevin’s performance, even in a distance, worked like magic on me. I was so fascinated by the story, by his character, by his direct talk to the audience and his eruptions of emotions. Before Richard III, I had watched a lot of his movies but I never knew that seeing his performance in a

MY SPACEY STORY: “I have a lot to learn from this guy.”

Everything started when I read an article about House Of Cards in a local TV magazine. I saw a picture of Frank Underwood surrounded by his best quotes looking with authority and confidence at me. My first thought was “I must watch this show. I have a lot to learn from this guy.“. Kevin played this character so well that I forgot he is fictional. This brilliant work of acting helped me gain self-confidence and chase away my last depression demons. After I moved on I checked who Kevin Spacey actually  was. And the process of psychological cleansing continued. Characters like Lester Burnham,

Stay Spacey, Mr. Fowler

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