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MY SPACEY STORY: “I work in the film industry and I met Kevin Spacey few times…”

I work in the film industry and I met Kevin Spacey few times. He was always very kind and decent guy with me and my colleagues. One of the things that has always fascinated me about Kevin is that he has an entrepreneurial mind, he’s always thinking on the edges of where you are. I’m sure he could run successful companies and maybe double their profits. It’s rare to find people with this gift, he isn’t only a great artist, but someone who can see ahead and understand what the needs and interests of the public are. Honestly, I can say that Kevin Spacey is definitely

MY SPACEY STORY: A summer evening at the Epidaurus theatre with Richard III

Hello everyone, my name is Alfonso and I am a Spanish actor. I want to tell you my story because it was a real adventure and because I strongly believe that art shouldn’t be erased. Ever since I was a child, my desire has always been to act on stage, and thanks to my parents’ encouragement, I have succeeded. I still remember those moments I spent on the couch watching movies and my dad showed me the usual Suspects and American Beauty said to me: “Alfonso, Kevin Spacey is the greatest actor of all time, if you want to do

MY SPACEY STORY: An alternative ending for my father

This story won’t be an easy story to read, it won’t be a happy story and won’t have a happy ending, but it is something I want to tell you about because it has to do with Kevin Spacey and one of the people I loved most in the world: my father. Many months ago my father was diagnosed with cancer, he spent the last months of his life in a bed. My father has always been a great lover of cinema and, as such, has seen hundreds of movies. I found myself in trouble when, confined to a bed, he

MY SPACEY STORY: “A celebrity who truly loves his fans”

I’m from Singapore and have been a huge fan of Kevin Spacey‘s for more than 20 years. I’ve also been fortunate enough to meet him twice. The first time was in 2010 when he came here for an Audi event. When I went up to him to request an autograph for my Swimming With Sharks DVD cover, I was very surprised when he asked for my name and personalized the autograph. My camera decided to malfunction at that moment and Kevin was ushered to another room, so I thought that it was for me. But 10 minutes later, it worked

MY SPACEY STORY: “Sitting across from President Frank Underwood”

I had the pleasure of sitting across from this large campaign poster to elect Frank Underwood for President in 2016 while riding the subway to my office in DC one morning. It made me so happy to see it and I enjoyed it all the way to work which made my day. I came across this photo again today and realized that so much has happened since that happy day in 2016. Kevin Spacey brings so much joy to me and many others. I admire him for his many talents and also his compassionate heart and his generosity to those

MY SPACEY STORY: “Kevin Spacey, a gentleman at the Old Vic”

It happened when Kevin Spacey was director of the Old Vic. A very close friend of mine was a sponsor of the Old Vic. She was invited to a special dinner for all the people and companies who sponsor the theatre. She was not sure if she wanted to go because she had to go on her own, but luckily she decided to join the party. She did not know any one there so she sit on her own at the table. Kevin Spacey saw her sitting on her own and went to her and join her at the table;

MY SPACEY STORY: “How Kevin Spacey helped me get out of my funk”

I started binging on House of Cards in August 2018. It was a time where I seem to be in a funk and did not know why. Watching just two episodes of House of Cards I was hooked on Kevin Spacey. As a previous writer said I became obsessed (a good one). I watched all 55 or so movies, NOW and all the tv programs he was on. Bought Beyond the Sea and listen to it. Watching Kevin Spacey helped me get out of my funk. I have to say, Thank You and I will always support you. To me

MY SPACEY STORY: “His art brought joy to our lives”

Here’s my story. I watched American Beauty and was totally impressed by Kevin Spacey‘s acting. He is amazing icon and should not be erased forever from our screens okay so he’s done somewhat questionable things in the past. I mean come on people it’s ridiculous the things being said. He is not that man he is great he has helped me a lot over the years just being a fan. Big thanks Kevin! But he is a kind sensitive and very professional guy I will always support him because he is my hero of films thank you for bringing much

MY SPACEY STORY: “Kevin Spacey saved me from committing suicide”

In 1996, an unexpected tragedy hit me, and I was housebound for almost two years. During this time, I revisited different film genres, expanding my interest. Kevin Spacey was a name I knew as he appeared in a film with Jack Nicholson and had four hits around 95-96. However, I started really watching him, analyzing his characters and films. A brilliant actor was, indeed, in front of me. I fell madly in love with him. As stupid as that sounds, it is true. I fell in love with a celebrity. My days were filled with writing analytical papers of his

MY SPACEY STORY: “Good times bad times”

Hi! I have been watching Kevin Spacey since I was so young at the age of 8. When House of Cards came about I instantly knew I was hooked! My cousin who is so damn dear to me and I watched House of Cards together and I always cherished the memories! I remember I was going through such brutal harsh times with problems form a girl… I related to Frank. We all have skeletons in our closets but if you have reptile skin you will take on the whole world as I felt the weight of the universe was on


Stay Spacey, Mr. Fowler

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