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27 Nov

Miriam from Malaga (Spain) 🇪🇸

Dear Kevin, I followed your career for years and I’m truly sad when I think about all that happened to you.  I can only imagine the challenges and stress you’ve endured throughout this ordeal, and I want you to know how much I admire your strength and resilience. It’s a testament to your character that you’ve faced this situation with grace and courage. As you move forward, I hope you can leave this chapter behind you and embrace the positive things life has to offer. You have many fans and supporters and I’m sure, you have also many friends by your side!

26 Nov

Francis from Newland (USA) 🇺🇸

I was in attendance at the Presidential Gala in the 1990s, at the Ford Theater; you did a reading that was so inspirational.  I’ve seen The Garden of Good and Evil, American Beauty, etc. I just viewed the Piano Man that you sang on uTube. What a talent and genius you are. I never do these fan things but no celebrity compares to you.  All the best.  FM – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

24 Nov

Isabella from Pisa (Italy) 🇮🇹

Dear Kevin, I started watching House of Cards a couple of weeks ago, I admit that I had never seen it and I was speechless by your interpretation. I’m loving Frank Underwood and think it’s one of the best series ever. I’m still on season two and I regret not seeing it sooner. I wish everything you had to go through in vain had never happened, but what you can do now is go back to acting and delight us again with great performances! Thanks Kevin! – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

21 Nov

David from Ipswich (UK) 🇬🇧

Kevin, I am an actor living in Ipswich. The stress you suffered over the past few years unimaginable. Right the jury found in your favour. Good luck for the future. David S. – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

20 Nov

Grace from London (UK) 🇬🇧

Hello Kevin I’m so happy you won ur case in uk I believe you’re innocent just as all ur fans and many people do. You’re a good man and you will get acting work again now keep moving forward and you’ll be fine. I always believe in your innocence you handled the uk court like a true gentleman. Us spacey fans are proud. Keep going, keep strong you’ll be just fine. I always be ur fan! Grace – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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