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09 Jul

Frederik from Copenhagen (Denmark) 🇩🇰

Dear Sir Kevin Spacey, I recently watched your interviews with Lex Fridman and Piers Morgan, and I felt the urge to tell you, Mr. Spacey, that you are a tremendous inspiration.  What happened to you I find disgraceful and appalling.  You strike me as a truly good man, a role model for us all. I truly mean that. You seem to me to be one of a kind. The serenity, humility, and grace with which you conduct yourself are inspiring. And your stern conviction of innocence is even more so. I must admit that I thought the allegations were true when they first

08 Jul

Jen from Singapore (Singapore) 🇸🇬

Dear Mr. Spacey, you’ve been my favourite actor for more than 30 years. I was very fortunate to meet you in person twice, and you were so warm and gracious even though no one from the press was around. You also replied to my fan mail – something celebrities of your status wouldn’t bother to do. Cancel culture is a toxic weapon, especially in Hollywood. I think what’s happened to you is ludicrous and illustrates the entertainment industry’s hypocrisy.  I hope more prominent people will speak up for you, and that Hollywood will actually listen and show some compassion and courage by

07 Jul

Lynn from Nevada City (USA) 🇺🇸

My thanks and appreciation to you for your outstanding work. I am sad that you have had to endure so many travails and I send you my deepest sympathy. I look forward to your rising from those ashes. – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

06 Jul

Wong E from Singapore (Singapore) 🇸🇬

Top notch acting skills. Very charismatic on screen. I love his acting so much. It’s very real. Truly hope to see Kevin back on screens. – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

05 Jul

Antwan from Sacramento (USA) 🇺🇸

Dear Mr. Spacey, I’ve written on here before but felt compelled to express my feelings due to your recent interview. Your interview with Piers Morgan moved me. I felt like I was watching a loved one going through pain and baring his soul. I can’t imagine anyone from the public or the executives at these studios holding you back from your passion can watch that and not feel that the way you’re being treated is absolutely wrong. You deserve to do what you love for a living as nothing has been holding you back. You beat your charges and should

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Stay Spacey, Mr. Fowler

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