I work in the film industry and I met Kevin Spacey few times. He was always very kind and decent guy with me and my colleagues. One of the things that has always fascinated me about Kevin is that he has an entrepreneurial mind, he’s always thinking on the edges of where you are. I’m sure he could run successful companies and maybe double their profits. It’s rare to find people with this gift, he isn’t only a great artist, but someone who can see ahead and understand what the needs and interests of the public are. Honestly, I can say that Kevin Spacey is definitely one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He’s also a very funny person, I loved all the impressions he did, they made me laugh a lot and put everyone in a good mood. Once I had a great time watching him imitate Christopher Walken and I really hope he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

I prefer not to reveal my identity, this is a difficult world and I don’t want to risk anything. The same people who turned their back on Kevin Spacey on the pretext that he is a “bad person” are the ones who would fire me today for defending him and expressing my opinion freely. Many of those people in movie business who now stand against Kevin are the ones who kissed his feet before scandal.

I would like to be able to defend him in front of everyone without being afraid, to be able to say that I admire him as an artist and as a person. I am very proud of the support he’s getting on this site and around Europe, it’s nice to see that many people want to be photographed with him or share support messages. I hope everything’s going well for Kevin.

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