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Our mission is to support a great artist.
This is the place where fans can leave a message for Kevin, tell us what he represents for them or tell us about moments spent with him.
In this space, created specially for supporters, you won’t find any advertising: Support Kevin Spacey is a non-profit organization, the only gain that this site wants to get is the support to who is, undoubtedly, one of the most talented artists of our time.
We want to give him back a little of the joy he gave us.

“If you’re lucky enough to do well, it’s your responsibility to send the elevator back down.” – Kevin Spacey


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12 May

Luz from Caracas (Venezuela) 🇻🇪

Maybe you don’t need to hear it from a stranger but be true to yourself Kevin and keep your head up, everything will be okay! We are all here, all of us, because we care. Wishing you all the best!! – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

12 May

Aletta from Rotterdam (Netherlands) 🇳🇱

I was lucky enough to see you acting on stage and I hope to be able to do so in the future. The theater is your home and I would be happy to buy a ticket for your next play. See you soon! – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

11 May

Brayden from Appleton (USA) 🇺🇲

I just wanted to let Mr. Spacey know how much I support him and loved his roles in his shows and movies especially House of Cards. I am currently 15 and am about to finish my freshman year of high school but I mean just this year even I have watched so much of your stuff and it is just amazing. I wish you good luck. – Brayden Thompson – Read our Stories and visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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