I had the pleasure of sitting across from this large campaign poster to elect Frank Underwood for President in 2016 while riding the subway to my office in DC one morning. It made me so happy to see it and I enjoyed it all the way to work which made my day. I came across this photo again today and realized that so much has happened since that happy day in 2016. Kevin Spacey brings so much joy to me and many others. I admire him for his many talents and also his compassionate heart and his generosity to those in need.

He uplifted my spirits when I saw him in the Under The Lights program where he gave selflessly of his time and entertained the crowd to raise money for students of the arts. He really helped me last month when I was undergoing an MRI and I got claustrophobic in the tube. I just focused on his cheerful face and relaxed and got through it. I miss seeing him so much and I am hopeful that his recent appearance in Rome is just the beginning of his return. Come back Kevin Spacey and light up my world!

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