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Kevin Spacey’s tribute to Jack Lemmon at Museum of the Moving Image Gala

“There are so many people along my path who have been instrumental, but one in particular, who we got to watch up on that screen tonight. And I haven’t watched that scene, with Jack Lemmon, in Glengarry Glen Ross, in a very, very long time. And by the time we did that film, we’d had this kind of remarkable journey, in which I had met him when I was in a workshop for young actors in a drama class when I was 13 years old. And after I did a scene from a play, that man, who was an idol of

No, Kevin Spacey won’t be in “L’Amour C’est Mieux Que la Vie”, Claude Lelouch’s new movie

A photo posted by actress Beatrice Dalle generated a great deal of chatter on social networks this weekend. The photo shared by the actress (but later deleted) portrayed Dalle with colleagues from the cast of “L’Amour c’est Mieux que la Vie” together with Kevin Spacey in the cemetery of Montmartre, where they were shooting the last film of Claude Lelouche. This gave many people to think that Kevin would be part of the cast of the film but the production company Les Films 13 promptly released a press release in which it has been made known that Kevin will not be part of the cast

Behind the scenes of Beyond the Sea: Kevin Spacey’s biopic of Bobby Darin

For Bobby Darin, performing was his life. It kept his heart beating. He came alive onstage, even when he was near collapse offstage. With a heart damaged by rheumatic fever, Walden Robert Cassotto aka Little Bobby, isn’t supposed to live to see age 15. But when his mother Polly shows him the happiness that comes with music, Bobby finds the inspiration he needs to stay alive. Making music opens a world beyond sickness, where prodigious talent, drive and imagination can overcome a faulty heart. With the help and support of his devoted family, Bobby will become a star. Kevin Spacey‘s great

American Beauty: 15 spectacular facts you probably didn’t know

A few weeks ago, Kevin Spacey shared his thoughts on the serious current situation caused by Coronavirus and what we can do to work on ourselves during this difficult time. Kevin mentioned the American Beauty tagline, “Look Closer” to explain how important it is to just stop and take a closer look at our life. “I was looking at the [American Beauty] poster and I noticed, just under the title, are two words, two really simple words, it says “Look Closer”; and I realized I never really saw that before, I mean, yes, I saw it, I mean, I must have looked

Kevin Spacey and the importance of looking closer, in his moving speech for Bits & Pretzels

On Sunday, 29th March, Kevin Spacey joined the first Bits & Pretzels Virtual Founders Breakfast in which Kevin shared his first-hand experience in dealing with uncertainties when life comes to a halt. In his moving speech Kevin talked about resilience and how to deal with uncertainties. Many people reached out to us and sent many messages to support Kevin Spacey and to share their thoughts about his speech, you can read them by clicking here. You can also listen to the full talk on Bits & Pretzel’s podcast at the bottom of this page and read the transcript below. Kevin Spacey’s speech for Bits

#LetsBeFrank… at home: a new way to join our campaign while in quarantine

Last year we launched our #LetsBeFrank campaign at 72nd Cannes Film Festivalin which we asked you to photograph our flyers in the most significant spots of your city. We are incredibly proud of the large participation that allowed our campaign to reach all the world. Today, however, we face a tough test and we are required to stay at home to face the Coronavirus emergency. That’s why we have decided not to post the photos of #LetsBeFrank around your cities until the emergency is over and we can go back to the safety and walk safely through our cities. However, our campaign doesn’t end there,

Ruins by Gabriele Tinti: an audio guide to relieve Kevin Spacey’s performance of “The Boxer”

On August 2nd, Kevin Spacey performed “The Boxer“, a poem by Gabriele Tinti, at Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome. We have good news for all those who were not present: they will be able to relive the wonderful Kevin’s performance through technology. On 21 March, on World Poetry Day, the Museo Nazionale Romano will present, live on Facebook, the multimedia project “Ruins“, created by the writer and poet Gabriele Tinti, which will be available for a month from the reopening of the Museum. This technology represents a synthesis of the best compositions of Gabriel Tinti and will be available to visitors of the

Kevin Spacey’s appearance on “Inside The Actors Studio” with James Lipton

James Lipton, the longtime host of Inside the Actors Studio, has died few days ago at the age of 93. We want to remember him by sharing one of our favorites interview of Kevin Spacey. In this video from Inside the Actors Studio, back in July 2000, Kevin charmed the host and the audience by nine impersonations in six minutes, stunning right? Kevin Spacey also gave an inspiring speech on what drives talent and how to get to the ultimate prize, do you remember it? “How can we, help us appreciate this early experience, these lean years, these very difficult years leading

Kevin Spacey on what gave him the confidence to start acting

Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Awards and many others; these are the awards that Kevin Spacey has won in his career and that have crowned him as one of the best actors ever. But how did his passion for acting come about? we decided to share with you this video in which Kevin tells what gave him the confidence to start acting. “I was different and I stood out for some reason and those things that made me stand out were those things that people wanted to make fun of, but it was those teachers and those mentors who

Kevin Spacey and “The Boxer”: human and artistic analysis of an inestimable event

Bizarre. During his remoteness, Kevin Spacey received incessant discrimination from all over the entertainment and digital worlds. Until last Christmas, with Let me be Frank, he finally broke a silence that had lasted for a long time, seeing a word being set by the English speakers, which still today echoes on the internet: bizarre. Still, with the release of The Boxer, Gabriele Tinti’s poetry, which allowed Spacey to peek out, foreign magazines defined his return performance the performance bizarre. What appears bizarre to the recognizers of an artistic value is the incapacity to abandon the convenience by a slice of


Stay Spacey, Mr. Fowler

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