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Kevin Spacey’s lawyers ask for a deeper search of informations at pretrial hearing

This article about the pretrial hearing of Kevin Spacey’s trial was reported by CNN Kevin Spacey‘s sex abuse case returned to a Massachusetts court Monday as his defense team worked to obtain cell phone records and other evidence from the actor’s accuser. The hearing, which Spacey did not attend, focused largely on procedural issues with the discovery of records in the case. Kevin Spacey’s defense is seeking credit card records, employment records and bookkeeping records from The Club Car, the Nantucket bar and restaurant. Kevin Spacey, 59, is accused of groping a busboy on a July 2016 evening at the bar. The busboy,

Kevin Spacey’s Malibu accuser asked a judge to not force him to reveal his name

This article about Kevin Spacey’s Malibu accuser was firstly reporter by The Blast The man suing Kevin Spacey for alleged sexual battery is asking a judge to not force him to reveal his name, claiming he could be financially damaged and face safety risks if people know who he is. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the man suing Kevin Spacey as John Doe is requesting permission to continue on with his case against Spacey without naming himself, despite the actor’s demands. He is asking to “proceed anonymously through a pseudonym to protect him from harassment, financial, physical, and emotional injury,

Kevin Spacey’s attorneys demand records and cellphones, ahead court hearing in Nantucket

This article about Kevin Spacey’s defense in Nantucket has been reported by The Boston Globe In new court filings, attorneys for actor Kevin Spacey say that sexual assault allegations against their client may have been made up in an attempt by the alleged victim and his family to cash in through a lawsuit. Kevin Spacey’s attorneys this week asked the judge in the case to order a private lawyer hired by the accuser and his family to turn over a variety of records, according to court filings. Arguing for why Spacey’s legal team needs the records, attorney Alan J. Jackson wrote

MY SPACEY STORY: “How Kevin Spacey helped me get out of my funk”

I started binging on House of Cards in August 2018. It was a time where I seem to be in a funk and did not know why. Watching just two episodes of House of Cards I was hooked on Kevin Spacey. As a previous writer said I became obsessed (a good one). I watched all 55 or so movies, NOW and all the tv programs he was on. Bought Beyond the Sea and listen to it. Watching Kevin Spacey helped me get out of my funk. I have to say, Thank You and I will always support you. To me

MY SPACEY STORY: “His art brought joy to our lives”

Here’s my story. I watched American Beauty and was totally impressed by Kevin Spacey‘s acting. He is amazing icon and should not be erased forever from our screens okay so he’s done somewhat questionable things in the past. I mean come on people it’s ridiculous the things being said. He is not that man he is great he has helped me a lot over the years just being a fan. Big thanks Kevin! But he is a kind sensitive and very professional guy I will always support him because he is my hero of films thank you for bringing much

MY SPACEY STORY: “Kevin Spacey saved me from committing suicide”

In 1996, an unexpected tragedy hit me, and I was housebound for almost two years. During this time, I revisited different film genres, expanding my interest. Kevin Spacey was a name I knew as he appeared in a film with Jack Nicholson and had four hits around 95-96. However, I started really watching him, analyzing his characters and films. A brilliant actor was, indeed, in front of me. I fell madly in love with him. As stupid as that sounds, it is true. I fell in love with a celebrity. My days were filled with writing analytical papers of his

People love “Let me be Frank” more than House of Cards season 6

The following article is a case study conducted by, about how Let me be Frank has been appreciated more than House of Cards season six. For those who may not be aware, two time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey has more recently been busy starring as Frank Underwood in the hit Netflix show House of Cards. Roughly a year ago at the apex of the #MeToo movement Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct and the momentum of the #MeToo movement forced Netflix to ultimately fire him from the show and air a 6th and final season without him. On December

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Test News

MY SPACEY STORY: “Good times bad times”

Hi! I have been watching Kevin Spacey since I was so young at the age of 8. When House of Cards came about I instantly knew I was hooked! My cousin who is so damn dear to me and I watched House of Cards together and I always cherished the memories! I remember I was going through such brutal harsh times with problems form a girl… I related to Frank. We all have skeletons in our closets but if you have reptile skin you will take on the whole world as I felt the weight of the universe was on

MY SPACEY STORY: “Me, She, Kevin Spacey and The Usual Suspects”

I was writing for an online paper. That was a transition period from a phase of my life, that changed things for ever. I started writing for giving me a new pursuit, through something I know I can do well: talking about what I like. During the first period in that editorial board, the Kevin Spacey‘s coming out happened. For me, as a fan, it hitted me, I was sorry for him, because there were bad reasons under that declaration, something unfair happened to him. There was a girl, working with me, we never talked before that day, but I


Stay Spacey, Mr. Fowler

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