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Peter Five Eight has now a release date in Russia

According to Russian news media, World Pictures, a distribution company, has acquired the rights to distribute Peter Five Eight, Kevin Spacey’s latest movie in Russian cinemas. As you all know, the producers of Peter Five Eight were looking for a distributor at the Cannes Film Festival and, apparently, Russia will be the first country to distribute the film in cinemas. The film will be released on October 6, 2022. But there’s more: this could be a lucky autumn, in a recent interview the director Franco Nero, who directed Kevin in The Man Who Drew God, said that his film will probably

COURT UPDATES: What happened today at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London

Kevin Spacey was this morning granted unconditional bail at a magistrates court hearing in Westminster, London, as the case against him was referred to Southwark Crown Court. Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikran said he did not believe Spacey, appearing under his full name Kevin Spacey Fowler, posed a flight risk and was therefore free to move freely in the run up to his trial. Natalie Dawson, prosecuting the case for the Crown, had requested Spacey should surrender his travel documents and passport to ensure that the US citizen does not leave the UK. Addressing Spacey, Deputy Chief Magistrate Ikran said: “You have co-operated,

The Man Who Drew God: official first look

A few days ago, the first trailer of the man who drew god was published on the OneTwoThree Media website. The film, shot in Turin last June, is on sale via OneTwoThree Media at the Marché du Film at Cannes Film Festival 2022. Two other projects will also be on sale on the Croisette: Peter Five Eight and 1242 – Gateway To The West. The Man Who Drew God, inspired by a true story, tell the rise and fall of a blind artist who has the extraordinary gift of making true-to-life portraits just by listening to the human voice, who becomes

Peter Five Eight will be on sale at the Cannes Market

Another Kevin Spacey project will be on sale on the Croisette at the Cannes market. We’re talking about the thriller Peter Five Eight. The completed project has been picked up for worldwide sales by VMI International. Rebecca De Mornay, Jet Jandreau and Jake Weber also star. Michael Zaiko Hall directs. The film’s marketing tagline is “The Guilty Always Pay The Price”. Plot: Sam (Jandreau), a seemingly poised and glamorous real estate agent in a small mountain community who is revealed to be an unhinged and troubled alcoholic with a dark secret. Spacey will play “a charismatic” stranger who arrives out of the blue at the behest

What is beauty to you? show it with our new instagram filter

Do you remember the iconic scene from American Beauty in which Ricky Fitts shows Jane the video of the plastic bag being lulled by the wind, to the notes of the music of Thomas Newman? What if instead of the video of the plastic bag, on that TV screen we had seen the video of your idea of beauty, what would it have shown? We asked ourselves this question and decided to give you the opportunity to show what beauty is to you through an Instagram filter. By using the filter, the video you’re shooting will appear inside the television of Ricky

Kevin Spacey as Franjo Tuđman: the first footage of the movie and interview with Jakov Sedlar

Kevin Spacey has been invited by director Jakov Sedlar to play Croatia’s first president, Franjo Tudjman, in a feature-length documentary written by Hrvoje Hitrec. Sedlar told HTV that he met Spacey about ten years ago in Los Angeles “He is an extremely interesting man with a rich past, a man who has all possible awards – from two Oscars to theater awards”, said Sedlar, adding that the only thing that mattered to him was the fact that Spacey is a genius actor he has known for years and who is his friend: “I believe in his story. That’s all I can say about

Kevin Spacey will star in Gateway to the West, directed by Péter Soós

According to Hungarian press, Kevin Spacey will star in Gateway to the West. The film will be directed by Peter Soos. The director confirmed the presence of Kevin Spacey, adding that they have already signed the contract and that he will play an Italian cardinal, the main antagonist of the film. The film will be made by an international film crew. The cast also includes Eric Roberts and Terence Stamp, Christopher Lambert is also likely to be present, although there is still no agreement with the actor. The film will be produced by Istavan Bodzsar, Kornel Sipos and Bill Chamberlain, with British

Business lessons from House of Cards

“House of Cards” transformed Netflix from a company that relied mostly on other studios’ content and DVD rentals into a Hollywood juggernaut that makes its own buzzy, watercooler TV and Emmy and Oscar winning films, shows and documentaries. The success of “House of Cards” helped legitimize Netflix and proved consumers were hungry for shows with shorter seasons (many Netflix shows have just 8-13 episodes) that they could view in a few sittings — a term we now all know as binge watching. Two percent of U.S. Netflix subscribers watched the entire 649 minutes of the second season in just over

Court Update: trial date set for October

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan ruled that the trial date will be October 4, 2022, at 9:30 am and that that date could be subject to any changes warranted by pandemic circumstances. The jury trial is expected to run for two weeks or less. In the last weeks Spacey has filed a declaration categorically denying every aspect of Rapp’s story: “I categorically deny [Rapp’s] claim that I sexually assaulted him or otherwise made a ‘sexual advance’ on him. I met [Rapp] several decades ago. I never had a sexual encounter with Mr. Rapp. Nor did I harbor any sexual interest or desire in

Kevin Spacey is filming a new movie, first look on set of “Peter five Eight”

Kevin Spacey is back, again. The actor is filming a new movie called Peter Five Eight and he was shooting scenes this week in Dunsmuir, CA. The movie, written and directed by Michael Zaiko Hall is produced by Ascent Films and Forever Safe Productions. Here’s the first footage of the movie… more to come. Do you want to express your support for Kevin? click here and leave a message.  


Stay Spacey, Mr. Fowler

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