A photo posted by actress Beatrice Dalle generated a great deal of chatter on social networks this weekend. The photo shared by the actress (but later deleted) portrayed Dalle with colleagues from the cast of “L’Amour c’est Mieux que la Vie” together with Kevin Spacey in the cemetery of Montmartre, where they were shooting the last film of Claude Lelouche. This gave many people to think that Kevin would be part of the cast of the film but the production company Les Films 13 promptly released a press release in which it has been made known that Kevin will not be part of the cast of the film.

“Contrary to comments made on some sites or social networks, Kevin Spacey is not part of the cast of the 50th film by Claude Lelouch “L’amour c’est mieux que la vie” Which started shooting this week. Kevin Spacey, on a visit to Paris, simply said hello to the crew while they were filming in the 18th arrondissement of Paris”

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