Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Awards and many others; these are the awards that Kevin Spacey has won in his career and that have crowned him as one of the best actors ever. But how did his passion for acting come about? we decided to share with you this video in which Kevin tells what gave him the confidence to start acting.

“I was different and I stood out for some reason and those things that made me stand out were those things that people wanted to make fun of, but it was those teachers and those mentors who said the right things to me at the exactly the moment I needed to hear them that finally gave me confidence in what made me different. Once I became confident in what the very things that made me different, I started to do well. I started to accept myself for all my weirdness and for all the things that everybody made fun of and once I realized that those were in fact the very things that were going to make me unique and make me special I realized that I could maybe start a career as an actor.”

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