After several years, Kevin Spacey gives his first interview to an Italian newspaper, Il Messaggero, on the occasion of the masterclass he will hold in Turin on January 16th and the release of “The man who drew god”, directed by Franco Nero.

Why did you choose to return to the cinema with this film?

“Like all actors, I go where the work is. But to tell the truth, it was Franco Nero’s decision to sign me that made me accept the proposal. He was courageous, while many others were afraid. My gratitude to him will be forever.”

Didn’t you regret not being the protagonist?

“The role was small, but the invitation had great significance. I said yes not so much to the role I would play on screen as to the role Franco was playing in my life.”

What emotions have you felt returning to the set after a long time and so many vicissitudes that have marked your life?

“I was thrilled to join a group of fellow actors to serve Nero and the story he wanted to tell. Franco has a great sense of humor and created an open and creative atmosphere on set. He is a great storyteller and shared with us his many experiences in cinema. I had the privilege of listening to him and becoming a great friend of him ».

And how did it go with the others?

“I was welcomed with open arms by the cast and crew who were cooperative and kind. I felt valued and appreciated. And I’ve had the pleasure of making friends like Robert Davi, a wonderful actor and a very funny man.”

What is your relationship with Italy?

“I love your country. I was lucky enough to spend time in Umbria, in Portofino, Rome, Milan, Capri. In Italy I have many friends and I made 5 films, 3 of which in Rome, this last one in Turin and another one in Ravello, the one about Gore Vidal (not yet released, ed). The history, the architecture, the food, the laughter, the friends have always made staying in Italy feel like a warm embrace. I can’t forget Richard III in Naples, in front of the most passionate audience I’ve met in the 7 months of touring around the world».

And what are your plans now?

“There are so many things happening that it’s hard to plan. At one time I had a completely different schedule and decided opportunities across the board. But now the most important job I want to do isn’t acting.”

What do you mean?

“It’s about myself and others. Every day is an opportunity to do better, to make someone laugh to help make their day. And in the past I haven’t focused as much as I could on this aspect. Like many actors, I looked too much at myself.”

What have the last few years taught you, what will your future be like?

«I want to commit myself even more to keep learning, to grow and not remain static. And to live my life more openly and authentically than I have in all the years of protecting myself so fiercely.”

Source: Il Messaggero