William Little’s father will appear in court next month to address the whereabouts of a cell phone that could be key to the case, his lawyer said Friday.  The Nantucket District Court has ordered the accuser’s father, Nick Little, to produce on July 8 a cell phone used by his son at the time of Nantucket facts. If he is not able to do so, the court said Little must testify about the wherabouts and condition of the phone. Mitchell Garabedian, who represents Little as well as the accuser and his mother, said Little intends to voluntarily appear in court. Kevin Spacey‘s lawyers have demanded the phone so they can try to recover text messages they say would support Spacey’s claims of innocence. The judge said earlier this month that the phone must be given to authorities by Friday.

Garabedian told the judge in court documents that the phone used by the accuser at the time of Nantucket bar facts is missing. Garabedian said William Little and his parents “have searched all the places where such a phone may have been stored. They have not found the phone”. The judge had given them until July 8 to produce the phone or the man, his mother and Garabedian must appear in court that day to explain what they know about its whereabouts. The phone has been a central issue in the case against Kevin Spacey, who pleaded not guilty in January to a charge of indecent assault and battery. Kevin Spacey’s attorney, Alan Jackson, said at a hearing this month that Heather Unruh told authorities she removed anything concerning her son’s “frat boy activities” from his phone before handing it over to investigators in 2017.

Jackson has said it also appears the accuser deleted certain messages between him and his then-girlfriend from his phone before sending screenshots of conversations to an officer investigating the case. Garabedian said Kevin Spacey’s accuser and his parents have no memory of seeing the phone since it was given to authorities back in 2017. Officials have indicated that the phone was returned to the man’s father, but his father doesn’t remember getting the phone back from police, the lawyer said. Garabedian said they are using an expert to search for backup copies of the phone but understand “it will take a few weeks to identify that information”.

Source: NBC Boston

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