In 1996, an unexpected tragedy hit me, and I was housebound for almost two years. During this time, I revisited different film genres, expanding my interest. Kevin Spacey was a name I knew as he appeared in a film with Jack Nicholson and had four hits around 95-96. However, I started really watching him, analyzing his characters and films. A brilliant actor was, indeed, in front of me. I fell madly in love with him. As stupid as that sounds, it is true. I fell in love with a celebrity. My days were filled with writing analytical papers of his films, and my nights dreaming what life would be with him. I understood this was all a fantasy, but thinking of him and keeping my mind off my illness was what I had to do in order to stay alive. Eventually, I mailed Kevin Spacey a letter with a photo to autograph, and he responded!

kevin spacey

In 2007, I fly to NYC to see a performance. The night after the performance, I waited for a picture, but, with the four times I met me, never could get a good one for us. The first night I met him, no one waiting in line would take our photo, so I had to take a “selfie” ( I had a cannon rebel). The picture didn’t turn out well as you can see in the photo. The next day I forced my, at the time, fiance to practice using my camera all day. Well, time came for the photo of us. Guess what? The battery died. Kevin Spacey says, “Oh looks as if the battery has died”. I held on to him until I could get a decent picture, yelling “keep trying!”. Well half of our faces are in that picture. Anyway, I didn’t ask the two times I met Kevin Spacey in 2012 after RIII.

Since my dark days, I have analyzed every one of his films, have taught a few of his films in my film classes, and have met him four times. Sadly, my illness returned in 2017, ironically, the same year all those accusations surfaced. I keep my mind strong by revisiting his films and writing monologues and scenes in which I envision him as the star. I am 100% #TeamSpacey and look forward to my illness disappearing and Spacey reemerging, cleared of all accusations.

Mags Piper from Florida, US 🇺🇲

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