Hi! I have been watching Kevin Spacey since I was so young at the age of 8. When House of Cards came about I instantly knew I was hooked! My cousin who is so damn dear to me and I watched House of Cards together and I always cherished the memories! I remember I was going through such brutal harsh times with problems form a girl… I related to Frank. We all have skeletons in our closets but if you have reptile skin you will take on the whole world as I felt the weight of the universe was on my shoulders. This morning I woke up and said man… I miss him so much. I can’t let go of the great memories and times I had with Kevin Spacey.

I remember a couple years ago I crowned him my most favorite actor of all time. I even drew a fantastic portrait of him. I remember when his acting class came out I really wanted to partake. I miss you so much Kevin! This is all so fishy! When I heard the allegations I didn’t give a damn. As long as there is trial and he’s proven guilty or non guilty then so be it! I love you so much Kevin. If I could ever meet you or give you a hug I would! If anybody is in contact with him please let me know! I come with an open heart and mind and no media frenzy! I love you Kevin Spacey!

Charlie from Roseville, USA 🇺🇲

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