I was writing for an online paper. That was a transition period from a phase of my life, that changed things for ever. I started writing for giving me a new pursuit, through something I know I can do well: talking about what I like. During the first period in that editorial board, the Kevin Spacey‘s coming out happened. For me, as a fan, it hitted me, I was sorry for him, because there were bad reasons under that declaration, something unfair happened to him. There was a girl, working with me, we never talked before that day, but I knew she were a very special Spacey’s fan. More than a fan, he was a kind of mentor. I catched the moment. I created a meme, a joke about the coming out, and I sent it to her. I broke the ice, in a way.

We started talking, and talking, and talking, and talking…hours of conversations, afternoons flown talking together, about anything, at any time of the day. A special connection was born between our minds, we agreed about everything we were talking about, and we were finding a way to explain and understand other little differences. We talked a lot about Kevin Spacey, she always talks about him. I already was a fan of him, but she showed me the man behind the actor, some facts of his social commitment, how he helped and inspired people and colleagues. There was a movie, she really cared about, and it is The Usual Suspects. Strangely, that movie started to accompany us in different occasions. She collected VHS and DVDies of the movie, in Italy it’s strangely difficult to find this one, is out of catalogue.

We often talked about the movie, its meaning, if Keyser Söze really exist, if Verbal really was him. The movie started to be a strange witness in our connection. When, at last, we decided we had to meet each other, we booked a room in a B&B beyond suspicion. We met, we hugged, we cuddled. And then…without a reason, I opened a forniture…and it was there. A VHS of The Usual Suspects was there, an english version, very old. I felt scared, it was incredible, that couldn’t be. There were so many different VHS in the world, and destiny decided to give us that one.

I called her, I asked “Do you want to see a very non-sense thing? Prepare yourself“. We didn’t know what to think, but we both agreed about one thing: that was destiny. We were destinated to something. And maybe, in someway, Kevin Spacey wanted to tell us that that is true. After all, we started talking thank to him, why not thinking he was telling us “Guys, you’ve met. That’s it”. I’m very grateful to destiny for giving her to me, she’s special, and right now I’m happy whatever happens. I don’t know if Mr. Spacey wanted us to meet, but if it is true, I want to thank him, because this has improved my life.

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