Dear Kevin Spacey 

Thank you for all your films. I am from Singapore. I loved all of them. I am so grateful that you are found not guilty. Your recent interviews about moving forward to grow as better human being resonate with me. Yes, I too also have to remind myself that I need to work within myself, as an recovery addict. We all humans, we all are not perfect. I do not judge you. I am truly appreciate that you tried to clarify those claims that was shown from the channel 4 documentary. I am supporting you. I wish you that you will continue to act and by transforming your acting the best you can because of what you have been through. I totally agree with you that no event, trauma and misfortune can determine what kind of human being we can be. Me too, I want to come out on the strong, loving and no bitter on other side. 

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavour. 

May God bless you always!

Warmest Regards 

Wong Lee Tzuin 


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