Dear Kevin Spacey, I’ve just finished watching your phenomenal interview with Piers Morgan, I could never imagine these seven years that you have truly been through, as no one should go through what you have been through as someone who was defending himself for so long, protecting your innocence and your reputation, I myself went through a similar situation in college defending my innocence when it came to me saying a joke in college for which the campus took too far, even though I asked before If I could make the joke, and believe me, I thought for three months protecting my freedom of speech, eventually going to court for it and winning my trail, but in the end the money I got paid in damages did nothing to make me feel better about myself and due to that I lost all hope of going to university due to this one joke I made, I hope to god that you get work soon as I absolutely love you in any film or TV production you are in, you have my deepest sympathy, I wish that I could donate some money to you to help out even more, thank you for everything and I cant wait to see new performances from you Kevin Spacey, thank you so much, I wish you all the best

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