Dear Kevin, this year has already given you some wonderful and long-awaited events: the award in Italy, a performance with a master class in front of an audience, the “first” new interviews and, of course, an undoubted legitimate victory in England, which completes the thorny path of recent years and opens up new horizons for you. It is significant that this legal victory took place on your birthday! Fate itself has given you the main gift, because your innocence is obvious. 

Thank you for the interview in Turin for the Italian press, thank you for the photo shoot for one of the German magazines. I liked every photo of you without exception. You are naturally beautiful by nature both internally and externally. There is an expression that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Of course, the pain of the huge injustice that has befallen your life and creative share is present in your gaze, but at the same time, your sharp mind, your charisma, your inexhaustible inner fire and endless acting talent are very clearly reflected in your eyes. 

I would like to wish you to realize your own creative projects, I mean the theater pieces, short films and scripts written by you, which you mentioned in your recent interview. I also wish you a speedy recovery of moral strength after the trial and tense waiting for the acquittal verdict of the jury, mental balance and harmony, good health, loyal and reliable people next to you, a successful premiere of the film Peter Five Eight, a busy creative life, loyal fans and full houses. 

You are very much loved by the public, you and and your creativity unite and inspire many people in this big and harsh world despite many circumstances. 

And thank you also for the fact that you never went to live in a cave and passed this difficult stage of your life honestly and with great dignity. 

Happy birthday, dear Kevin 🦁, and may your intelligent and beautiful eyes shine again from doing your favourite craft – acting. Be happy 🚀 !

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