Hi, Kevin.

On December 12, we had the All-Russian premiere of the film “Control” in many cinemas of the country.

And although you only have a voice role in this film, and the film was shown with a dubbed translation, nevertheless, “WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF KEVIN SPACEY” was written large on the Russian posters.

Of course, I watched the premiere on the very first day, as I was interested in learning the plot in full and understanding the reason why you agreed to this role. I think I’ve found the answers to my questions. I would also like to watch this movie in the original, and if I have the opportunity, I will definitely do it.

Dear Kevin, I wish you that next year will be even more filled with your creativity, your performances and the applause of the audience; that you will have new films and new projects worthy of your talent ahead.

Christmas is a time of miracles, so let all the best and kindest wishes come true!

Merry Christmas, KEVIN SPACEY 🚀

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