Dear Mr Spacey, 

I haven’t quite been able to find all the words to express how much you and your works mean to me, and I’ve never formally written to an artist before, but after watching your recent interviews, I wanted to send you a wholehearted message of support. So much has happened over the past several years, especially with the pandemic blurring time, I honestly never knew about all of the allegations and legal things you’ve been enduring. I’m overjoyed you’ve been acquitted on all counts. As a lifelong fan, I still stand with you.

You and your talents are truly extraordinary, and I believe you’re already a man of great character. You are my absolute favorite actor+artist, and I look up to you and respect you greatly. From the complexity and diversity of your roles; your transcendental performances; the immense range of emotions each of your roles both expresses on screen and evokes within the audience; your courage and authenticity —– you are an inspiration.

I wish so badly I had millions of dollars; I’d instantly give them to you. I’m grateful that you have Mr Lowenstein, true friends within the industry, and family. I really hope that you can keep your home in Baltimore, and that you can fully return to theatre and film as soon as possible. Please, please get back on the horse like you said, and ride free at last. I will continue to stand with you and to support you in any way I can.

With sincerity and love from South Jersey,


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