Dear Kevin, I apologise that I have taken so long to contribute to your support, that is to my shame. However I have had my own health problems. 

I should say 2 things, firstly I have always been a (predictably perhaps) big fan of yours, (since L.A. Confidential, Usual Suspects, American Beauty, The Man who Drew God (which was mesmeric) and therefore automatically biased. 

Secondly, and definitely less relevantly as a straight man who does not give a flying f**k about your sexuailty. I don’t believe a single word of what is alleged of you in British courts.  

I simply cannot believe that a man who could film the movie “Pay it forward” with that amount of feeling could hurt another human being so callously as has been accused. I was delighted when you were acquitted on all charges. JUSTICE!

Eugene Simonet was the role I most associated with. Before my retirement, I was also a teacher who had aspirations of reaching out and affecting disengaged pupils in Scotland and I am proud to say that I had some success. So, I can assure you , it’s not all Hollywood BS! Whoever wrote that role had to have some insight. I can guarantee you that your portrayal of Eugene Simonet has and will continue to inspire teachers across the globe for many years to come.

I feel in my heart you are a thoroughly  and upstanding human being. Please forgive my tardiness. Just know that you are loved.


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