To Mr. Spacey: you are one of my most favorite actors. I saved the movie usual suspects and the negotiator. I am appalled at what Hollywood did to you based on some false accusation. I’m glad that you came out I know how hard that is. But again I am so angry that you are no longer making movies.

I wish that you would stand up for yourself and show the people in Hollywood that you are not a scapegoat. Please Mr. spacey! there are so many fans does still love you and miss you. I remember rock Hudson who is gay, but was protected by a loyal media so as not to hurt his career.

The miscreants of today do not know the meaning of just being nice! As a young nurse who took care of the mentally ill during the 80s, I absolutely loved and supported my gay patients who had to turn to drugs because they could not come out of the closet. I was doing that before the me too movement as I am 61 now. God bless you sir and please Have the courage to come back to your fans. Sincerely Patricia Harris

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