Hi Mr. Spacey, Fan here!!  I never cared about those ancient accusations and have always loved your work!  (I wrote on X how I boycotted last season of HOC bc you were not in it). I read the Shipping News before seeing the movie and thought you were great in the role (albeit a bit too good looking for Coyle). I’ve loved you in every single role I’ve ever seen you in and each in unique and different. I’m more into the story than the celebrity, so appreciate how you never made it seem like you were just a famous actor just saying lines. You became the role, and that is rare these days. I grew up watching a soap every day for over 30 yrs (OLTL), so prefer the lesser known types anyhow. There are only a handful of famous actors I really like because they have the real gift of acting. (Seems there are more celebrities and less talent / true actors these days….) 

Good for you — you got through it!!!  I hope to see you in more movies, serial shows, or plays, or even just more interviews! It is important that this kind of cancel culture thing stop too since it seems only allegations are needed… which seems all too easy to bump off a big names to make way for more less-talented people. As POTUS Frank Underwood, seems you were held more accountable than the real POTUS of the time!!

You have many fans like me who still adore you and want to see your work!  Thank you for all the great roles you have given in your career, and for all the help you have given to others in the industry. 


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