I’m not here to judge Kevin Spacey. But while I am here I would very much appreciate the ‘industry’ putting him back into the staring rolls in movies, TV, television etc,. Let the man work! He has not been convicted through the courts. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Until then, put him back where he belongs doing what he does better than most could ever dream of. We, the viewer are the losers. If Kevin Spacey’s name was in the credits, I would be watching whatever it was! I can’t say that’s true for any other actors. Hollywood has taken the one man who was born to entertain out! I just want to watch him act! Such skill, such intensity, he is utterly captivating in any and every role. It’s obvious he knows he’s got to keep himself in check from here on out. So let him go!!! Let him do his thing. And let me watch!!! I miss looking forward to the release of the next show, project, series, movie or whatever! Actors like him make the price of a ticket worth paying. His private life is his. But his professional life he gives to all of us for our pleasure. Come on. Enough is enough. Who he sleeps with is not my concern. Nor do I actually want to know about it. Put Kevin Spacey back on our screens and move on and let hime live his life. Quit judging and if you’re worried about him fiddling with you then simply stay out of fiddling reach. Take responsibility for yourself. Put him back where he belongs, … center stage

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