Mr. Spacey…You are one of the greatest actors of all time! What Hollywood did to you is unacceptable!

You were found innocent in a court of law….and besides, if getting drunk and getting “handsy” with people was enough to ruin a person’s life….no fraternity boy would ever make it past University. You deserve a second chance! Enough is enough!

I cried so hard watching you on Piers Morgan.😔 If I had the money, I would go on your website and donate thousands of dollars. It’s so difficult to get anyone to give to someone else. There are many selfish people. My Grandma’s house blew away in a tornado, and not one person donated to her fundraiser. She was put in a state run nursing home. A week later she was dead.

Life is so hard. As humans, we need to take care of each other. I am praying so hard for you.

Love, Kerri

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