Dear Sir, Please come back to acting. I am watching The Negotiator at this moment, (which I have seen several times), and you are outstanding in this role. I also binge watched House of Cards at my brother’s house in Cape Coral, FL about 7 years ago. You are TRULY missed in the realm of born-gifted actors. I cannot express the pain I feel knowing that an actor as talented as you are, is missing from the theater/television/media audience. There are a myriad of other Hollywood BS stories happening right now, that you should be able to slide in “undercover” and begin sharing your talent with the world again. Come in quietly or come in loudly, just PLEASE come in again! Your absence is painful to many of us, and I don’t want either of us to die knowing you never shared your talent with the world once more. Thank you for your time. God Bless YOU Mr. Spacey. Karleigh

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