Dear Sir Kevin Spacey,

I recently watched your interviews with Lex Fridman and Piers Morgan, and I felt the urge to tell you, Mr. Spacey, that you are a tremendous inspiration. 

What happened to you I find disgraceful and appalling. 

You strike me as a truly good man, a role model for us all. I truly mean that. You seem to me to be one of a kind. The serenity, humility, and grace with which you conduct yourself are inspiring. And your stern conviction of innocence is even more so. I must admit that I thought the allegations were true when they first came out. Maybe this is due to an innate aversion I have towards virtue-signaling Hollywood celebrities, who seem to me, exactly because they express their own virtue, to be hiding something. But you, Sir, seem to be the opposite of this. I regret that I did not investigate the allegations further when they first broke, even more so because I was watching House of Cards at the time, enthralled by your performance. Oh, how terrifying, how haunting that performance was! Perhaps it was this, your thoroughly convincing portrayal of a Machiavellian politician, that made it increasingly hard for me to separate the actor from the acted. Which, of course, as you said, is the greatest kudos to any actor.

But I should regress, for in the aforementioned conversations with Piers Morgan and Lex Fridman, a truly wholesome and loving person came to the fore. I have to say that your stories of Jack Lemmon and the relationship you shared touched me deeply. You are an amazing storyteller, Mr. Spacey. One I could listen to for hours. I am young, Sir, and without much knowledge. I, and young people in general, crave mentors, and you are such a one. A role model. And God bless you for that. I hope I, and the world, once again, will get the opportunity to experience you as an actor. You truly deserve a second wind. For God’s sake, everyone should be welcoming you with open arms! I know my friends and I certainly will. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Sir, for being and setting such an example.

Best of luck,

Frederik, from Denmark

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