I have written messages for Kevin several times on this site but this time I think it is time to write a message for Evan. I think we should all thank Evan Lowenstein for how he has handled and how he is handling this matter. I am happy that in the darkness of these terrible 7 years, Kevin has had this great ray of light that is Evan in his life.

I believe that no one is saved alone, and Kevin was lucky to find such a dear friend. I felt so many emotions when Kevin thanked Evan during the interview and also on X. Evan could have turned his back on Kevin as they all did, yet he decided to stand by him like a brother. Thank you Evan, from all Kevin’s fans, you deserve only the best in life.

And I also want to thank the staff at Support Kevin Spacey for ALWAYS being there, from the very beginning since fall 2017. I know it must not have been an easy job, and the perseverance and skill with which you have run this site is simply amazing. You have been a beacon in the storm for thousands of fans and I’m sure that you have been a beacon in the storm for Kevin as well. You have done something extraordinary and you should be proud of that. I still remember the flyers you scattered all over the Cannes Festival years ago: crazy!!!

Last but not least, Kevin. I have written you many times here and this time I just feel like saying thank you, thank you for deciding to fight back these charges, it is time to get back on the horse as you say. We love you and will always support you. 


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