Dear Mr. Spacey, I’ve written on here before but felt compelled to express my feelings due to your recent interview. Your interview with Piers Morgan moved me. I felt like I was watching a loved one going through pain and baring his soul. I can’t imagine anyone from the public or the executives at these studios holding you back from your passion can watch that and not feel that the way you’re being treated is absolutely wrong. You deserve to do what you love for a living as nothing has been holding you back. You beat your charges and should be allowed to share your talents with the world. People make mistakes and society has to go back into the direction of forgiveness and redemption. Other public figures have been allowed the opportunity to come back from negative publicity very recently and you should be allowed to as well. I pray that things will turn around and you will be able to keep your home.

I do hope that those at Netflix holding back “Gore” release it after some public pressure and hope the original version of “All the Money in the World” is released sooner than later. I’ve messaged and tagged Netflix across different platforms in hopes that some public interest may budge them in releasing your film. That would be a great way to bring you back to our screens while you work on future projects. I truly believe your recent interviews will only show to those holding you back that there’s stories out there that you put context and truth to, you’re still here, you want to work, and you’re a better human being. It’s not often that the public sees how much effort a public figure works to improve themselves. You should be recognized for that and be given grace. Your interview with Lex Fridman also reminded folks of your impressive body of work that is unmatched, your humility, humor, kindness, charisma, and personability. 

I hope to see you on the screen acting, singing, dancing, and laughing very soon. I’ve been revisiting a lot of your past movies and some I’m seeing for the first time. Your body of work and you mean a lot to me. If there are any future appearances or events you have that make their way to Northern California, I hope they are announced as I’d love to meet you and express my support for you in person one day. Thank you for being you. Much love and support to you. Thank you for still being here. Shout out to Evan and your beloved four legged friend Boston as well. Let’s get you back on the horse!

Your fan, Antwan

P.S. Thanks to the folks running Support KS for giving us fans a platform to express our support

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