It is said: This too shall pass. There have been many times I have had cause to doubt it (I have had bi-polar disorder almost all of my life) and yet find that the dark times do pass, and my bright times allow my creativity to shine through (I am a published writer.).
I was very affected by your Christmas message. It spoke to me directly and no doubt others too. By creating an understanding with my mental illness I believe I have become more forgiving, more tolerant, less judgemental of myself and others, better able to just listen more compassionate and more able to laugh at my many quirks and foibles. Stronger.

My wish for you is not only a happy Christmas period, but years to come where your exceptional talent is once again recognised professionally and your empathy, personally. “This too shall pass.” And it does, doesn’t it, Kevin? It DOES GET BETTER. 😘🙏

PS: I offer a donation-funded non-religious retreat place for pilgrims who have completed their Camino de Santiago. Many are working through “holes” in their life. Have you considered a spiritual “pilgrimage”…seriously.

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