Mr. Spacey, I have experienced persecution, as a kid, because I was poor other kids picked on me. Then we were middle class and I was picked on for being overweight. I lost weight and I was picked on for having a reading and speech problem. When I conquered the stutter and learned to read I was then found to be very unattractive with thinning hair.

There is no way of pleasing the people but I survived because I could create content, write material, perform on stage. I went to  H B studios, appeared in plays, did work in radio and public access, wrote for television and screen, and still, I was mostly alone, pushed aside or into the shadows because well, I’m not attractive. I’m sorry that you suffered your own persecution, like my friends who are Jewish or other friends who are poor or handicapped.

You give so much love and enjoyment through your work and through your God-Given talent. When people, for whatever reasons on the surface or hidden try to cause you to harm they harm all of us, your fans, as well. Some of us have only a few sources of joy in our lives and when one of those sources is taken away our world becomes even more closed in and confining. Please come back.

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