I was finally able to gather my thoughts a little after the emotions that gripped me on 16 January to express them in writing.

Dear Kevin, I join all the kind words that have been said for you these days and congratulate you on the Stella della Mole Award you deserve. I have seen only a few fragments of the video from what was at the masterclass and from your speech, available on the Internet, but this was enough to cover me with deep and different emotions: excitement, empathy, trembling, joy and many others.

But the most important of them is that I am happy for you, for your sincerity, will to live and your ability to carry the light, no matter what ✨! I was also happy to hear the applause and ovation for you from a grateful audience👏🏼 and to see how warmly your friends, colleagues and fans welcome you to Italy!

There are many people like me who probably experience similar emotions and we all really love and appreciate you for who you are KEVIN SPACEY 🚀!

You are true person with a kind heart, thinking, sensitive and at the same time giving joy to people even in your own difficult life period. Your slightly daring and humorous thankful speech to the Cinema Museum was surprisingly accurate and reflecting the current reality.

May the courage of Italy’s National Cinema Museum, the courage of the director of this museum Domenico De Gaetano, the courage of Franco Nero, the courage of Jakov Sedlar and the courage of everyone involved in working with you in recent years, be a masterclass for others who may still be in doubt. 

I am also grateful to all those who personally were able to visit the Cinema Museum in Turin and shared with you both your emotions and their own emotions on this incredible creative evening and supported you with their presence.

Kevin, you are the GREATEST ACTOR and the GREATEST PERSON there are few of these days. Thank you for everything. And you still have a lot ahead of you!

I have written many words this time because emotions are still overwhelming me, but all my words are sincere, from the depths of my soul and with huge respect your work and for you, dear Kevin!

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