Hello there. And Hello Kevin Spacey, if you are reading. Maybe just maybe but if not never mind. I really enjoy watching Kevin Spacey, what a fine actor he is. In all of the film and tv series he has been in. Notably, House of Cards. What a fantastic series, I have watched all 5 seasons 3 times over with Kevin in them aka Francis Underwood what a brilliant role for him, you could say a part wrote for him. Season 6 I think without him was not so good as he was greatly missed. American Beauty, he played a little bit of all of us really wanting to escape the humdrum of normal life and do something different. I Miss Kevin Spacey from our screens and stage. I want him back and my wife misses him too. So, Kevin Spacey, you have been hiding in the shadows for too long now, come back and delight all of your fans once again.

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