In 2017 I felt like I was robbed of something I cared about. Nobody asked me if it was okay for me to have my favorite actor kicked out of my favorite TV series. I experienced it as a mourning, as an injustice. Those who made this decision, on the basis of accusations that never led to a guilty sentence, didn’t understand that they had irreparably damaged the trust of many who loved House of Cards and love Kevin Spacey. Every time you distribute art (whether it’s a film, a TV series, a book or music) you lose complete control of that work that becomes a bit of everyone.

In my opinion, firing Kevin Spacey from the TV series and canceling Gore did nothing but show us how less consumer-oriented and more profit-oriented these production or distribution companies are. I haven’t seen the sixth season of House of Cards and won’t watch it, just like I canceled my Netflix membership.

I am happy to read that like me there are many people who have experienced this situation in the same way. I support Kevin Spacey 100% and hope this latest process goes well and at that point I hope there will be an apology, for Kevin and for all of us who have been deprived of so much.

Support Kevin Spacey

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