Dear Kevin Spacey, I am a huge huge K-PAX fan. It literally is my default movie that I watch if I just want to kick back, relax, doesn’t really matter what it is, I keep K-PAX nearby, due to “You’re good medicine” 24/7. I couldn’t even imagine anyone else playing that role. You and Bridges both in that movie, soothing to my soul. You’re the kind of star who shines so brite with natural talent, you can’t be dimmed. I look forward to more movies that are only great because you bring their characters to life.
I am sending you this message for one reason. You’re there for me when I need you. Unconditional, you are there. So, unconditionally, I am here for you. I appreciate you so so, more than you know. Unconditional love from an invisible fan, because my heart is happy as long as you’re on my screen. You make it interesting. Love ya, Kevin. Don’t ever stop! You’re amazing! You’re loved.

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