Dear Kevin Spacey, or should I say Francis J. Underwood (Mr.President), my name is Sebastian Barnutiu, I was born in Romania and now currently living in Portugal. First of all I wish you all the best, and hopefully you will get better after all of what’s happening. I tried for a long time to find a way to talk to you, or at least send you a message, and here I am. The first time I saw you was on the House of Cards series, and since then I admire your work, well in that time I knew who you were but I never saw the other movies that you made, but I can say this from my heart that you changed me with the character of Francis Underwood.

But the reason I’m writing this, it’s because of that, because of the House of Cards series. You were and you still are my beacon of light which guides me away from the rocks. For many years I’ve been dealing with many problems, sometimes reaching the point of great depression, and still to this day I’m in depression. But since I started watching you, Francis J. Undewood, it changed me, the way I see things, the way I see people, the way I see the world and the opportunities it has to give.

kevin spacey
Kevin Spacey showed me that solid pragmatism that I wished I could have, my family is like Francis, came from a place that was not a good one, moved to another country and started from the ground up with no money at all, but now we are better we have a nice home, we are happy, you showed me the love and strenght that Francis and Claire had, the one I’m looking for, the difference between power and money helped me a lot, many of your quotes and advices helped me so much that I started thinking in a more mature way, the way you spoke to the audience and using this fourth wall like Shakespeare, I felt connected with you (Francis), you gave me more confidence, more self-esteem, every time I rewatch the series it always surprises me in each and every episode of the series.

I wish I could meet you Kevin Spacey someday before it’s to late, playing the character of Francis, and have a talk with you, about life, about everything, a normal conversation, not like actor and fan, just like simple people, you changed me, in a good way, and I must thank you a lot for that, you helped me a lot, you’re a nice person and I see that in you, you’re an inspiration to many, and I hope you continue to have a great life fowards. I hope you receive this letter/email, I hope you read it with care, and I hope I can see a reply from you one day. Goodbye Francis. Goodbye Kevin. Wish you the best.

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