Dear Kevin,

A friend of mine sent me this site saying “you have to write to him!” because he knows how important you have been for me, we can almost say you saved my life. And so, ever since I learned about this site, I thought I would write to you. I’ve always hoped to be able to tell you this story, so here I am.

I grew up in a bad neighborhood. My parents worked hard, they did more than one job a day, to allow me and my siblings to have a better life than theirs. Unfortunately when you are young you do stupid things and I started hanging out in bad company, and those circles that my parents wanted to keep us away from. When they learned about the nonsense I was doing I spent a period locked in the house and the only thing I could do was watch films and study. So I got to know cinema and your movies. I got so passionate about your movies and your acting that I realized that acting could be my path. When my “punishment” period was over, I was changed, I had a goal, I wanted to act, I wanted to be as good as Kevin Spacey.

Well, maybe I’m not as good as you are, maybe I don’t have that gift from birth, but now I’m a different man. I have no longer been in bad environments, I have no longer done stupid things, I am a respectable person whom my parents are proud of. But above all, I am proud to say that I am an actor. I worked to pay for acting courses and I started acting by putting all the emotions that I couldn’t express otherwise, into acting.

Thanks to you and those films of yours that I saw in one of the most complicated moments of my adolescence, my life changed and I had my happy ending. I’m sure you will have it too. I hope to meet you sooner or later. I admire you very much and will always support you. Thanks to you and thanks to those who allowed me to write my story, I hope you can read it.

With love and admiration, Santiago.

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