Dear Kevin, today I saw American Beauty and it was the most remarkable and brilliant piece of acting I’ve ever seen!

You played a character who changes so much throughout the film that he almost doesn’t seem like the same person. It takes a great talent to be able to do this and you reminded me of the great Jack Lemmon, one of the most brilliant actor ever.

Despite this, American Beauty is not my favorite film among yours, I think The Usual Suspects is a masterpiece and even in that case your interpretation is masterful, as well as Frank Underwood the most fascinating villain ever.

Frank is a character who gain the audience loyalties, we didn’t know if we were for him or against him and had no idea how we felt about him at every turn but we trusted him in everything he did. The audience never really knew if we should feel sympathy or righteous rage at his actions, but we were all so in love with him.

Throughout the series, you gave an amazing performance! I just wish it had ended differently.



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