When you, Kevin Spacey, talk about how your life was changed within a couple of hours I can totally understand. Your reputation, your job, your sense of self are taken away in a devastating fashion. And so fast.

Seven years ago I was drinking heavily, going thru a bad phase, and one night I sent a couple of stupid texts to a woman I worked with. All hell broke loose and it was the most shaming and horrifying and shocking and humiliating experience of my life. It still affects me. You feel that you are suddenly standing behind a glass wall staring out at all the pure and upright people who have witch-hunted you and made you a pariah. You are never the same. It’s a fall from grace. A few moments of madness and the consequences are so exceptionally severe.

When I read about what had just happened to you I immediately knew the enormous anguish you would be going thru. The suffering. The confusion. The nightmare. The sense of irrefutable damage and personal destruction. And all those judgemental people more than willing to put the knife in. And my heart went out to you.

What I went thru has made me so much more aware of what it is like to be on the receiving end of such vindictiveness. People make mistakes. Those ‘who cast no shadow’ are not human. I am so glad to see you being supported and loved.

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