Thank you for your Warm and Heartfelt Message on Christmas Eve. I’ve followed your Career for Decades and Remember your Show at The Davis. sq, Theater in Somerville, Massachusetts a few years ago. I myself am 66 yo Disabled male with 2 Re- Attached Retinas and Glaucoma, I had my 7or Eight Surgery on December 3,2020 and had No one to pick me up or help me out. Tired of Explaining to Doctors and Hospital Social Workers that I’m ALONE out here.
These past 48 hours were unbelievable Lonely and DEPRESSING, your Message on Xmas eve has helped me get through another day. I can’t stand the 3 D,s in Boston this time of year (DANK, DARK, & DREARY) after spending my younger days (20-30s) in a warm climate (Florida) trying to get to Santa Anita before I die and go totally blind, but just taking it Day by Day for now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY, INSPIRATION, AND BODY OF WORK, which has helped me Weather the Storm. DEEP DEPRESSION.
I totally supported your cause in the Railroad Job the local Authorities tried to hang on you a few years back. As someone who was Arrested and Tried for Possession of Marijuana at age 18 in 1973, and familiar with The Draconian measures perpetrated on Innocent Defendants in Massachusetts, I was sad that things Hadn’t Changed a bit since the 70,s regarding lifestyle choices during your time spent here. My Apologies to you Sir for what you went through, and yet you find the time to reach out to the Less Fortunate Souls out here like myself. If there is anything I can do to help you with your efforts on this end, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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