Hello Kevin, I am Venezuelan but I am temporarily in Ecuador, I am writing these words to you because I am going through a similar situation, they accuse me of something that I am not, there is no evidence, there are no videos, there is nothing but the word of the supposedly affected than mine, it is a horrible situation, it has destroyed my reputation at work and they have extorted money from me.

I have always admired your work as an actor since before you won the Oscars, I know that what you did is not a crime and that people now with these social networks feed on gossip and false news, accuse first and find out later! I also know that the “me too” movement is the modern equivalent of the “Spanish inquisition”, it serves to generate gossip and hatred against the talented.

I sincerely believe that everything will improve but when that stupidity goes out of fashion and people understand how dangerous social networks are. I think that we should somehow encourage the community about the danger of judging people through social networks, something must be done about it (document them, articles, publish cases where innocent people harmed them through social networks).

It’s ironic that people blindly praise untalented people on tv networks and punish talented people like you… there are thousands of examples of these aberrations. Well, I don’t want to extend, I just want to tell you that I support you and I hope you come back in style, I believe that change begins with you, that you recover will mean a victory for all of us who are unfairly victims of slander through social networks. A hug!

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