I’ll start by apologizing for my bad English. My birthday was a few days ago and a friend of mine, knowing my great admiration for Kevin Spacey, gave me the DVD of Rebel in the rye. I’ve never seen it and for days I’ve been thinking “should I watch it or not?” not because I think it’s a bad movie, at all, but because I know that once I’ve seen this movie, I will have seen all of Kevin’s movies and there will be nothing more to discover.

I have enjoyed many of Kevin’s films, many of them have become my comfort movies and I would like to see new ones. I hope Kevin can get back to making movies soon, in the meantime my Rebel in the rye DVD will stay on the shelf next to the television. Sooner or later I’ll watch it, maybe when Kevin’ll come back to making movies. But if Kevin doesn’t want to go back to acting, I’d be happy to know that he made this decision for himself and no one has imposed this choice on him.

I wish Kevin (and everyone who will read this message) much happiness, we all deserve it!

Greetings from Barcelona

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