Dear Kevin, I don’t like drama and I certainly don’t want to bore you with my life story. I just wanted to tell you that my wife Stefania was a huge fan of yours, she passed away because of covid last spring. She always wanted me to watch or rather re-watch your films. Her favorite one of her was The Shipping News, I think I know the script by heart.

I know that if she had known this site she would have often written to you in the hope that you would read her messages and today I do it for her, so that you know that Stefania was a big fan of yours and that you have illuminated her dark days and cheered up the happy ones. Today I think back to those evenings I spent watching The Shipping News for the hundredth time and I find myself remembering them with nostalgia, even though I was complaining at the time because I wanted to watch something new.

Surely you too have lost many loved ones in your life, but a little reminder from someone who lost the love of his life recently: live, love, be kind and never be afraid to talk to the people you care about. Thank you for being a part of Stefania’s life, albeit through a screen.

I hope this message reaches you because Stefania deserved to be known and surely she would have liked you to hear her name at least once.

I wish you the best!

Pietro and Stefania

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