As I sit at my desktop, age 30, I think about what to do next in life. I have a lot of college work due soon and many young people to help. Simultaneously, a lot of people may be disappointed if I succeed in my dream of becoming a paralegal. But that is how I see the Earth, “Ya can’t please everyone!”. Why I write today is simple. Kevin Spacey is a damn good actor. Everyone includes a shot at redemption, especially those lacking money, friends, and resources.

American Beauty helped shine a light on myself and my own struggles. Even pot-addicted Dads can choose the light at the end of a dark tunnel. Does a crazy man who thinks he is an alien deserve to be taken seriously? I can’t remember offhand the name of that film, but it was a good one. In a country, gripped by the menace of a micro civil war, the rich must offer solutions to the poorest of folk. Those who deliver long jail sentences for non-violent crimes will be judged in this life or the next. That is karma, that is my philosophy.

I just got a short story published with many more to come. I would like a man like Kevin to be on my side, even if I never hear from them in person. I have lived a life in fear and on the dawn of my prime, I sometimes feel behind in the times. Take care, Mr. Spacey, you are always welcomed in my films (if I ever make it big).

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