Mr Spacey good evening,

My name is Paolo and I am 49 years old. I have been following his work since 1992 appreciating the greatest American actor since James Cagney, in my opinion. Over the years I have dealt with film journalism, having the opportunity to follow her career and I would like to thank her for the strength and emotions she gave to the public. You taught, like few others, the definition of the word actor. Very little satisfaction but know that those who love acting and admire talent have been and will always be at his side. You are an artist and a great man. Forgive my English but please believe me. For every doubt, every question and every partial accusation, repeat “It’s me Kevin Spacey, the problem is yours” I greet and thank Verbal, Keyser Söze, Lester Burnham, Frank Underwood… Frank, Is there Christmas without Christmas? What a shame… Sorry, they knew nothing.

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