Mr. Spacey,

We have never met, but my name is Nathan. Like many, I am a massive fan of yours! I grew up living in my car because of abusive parents. Forms of art, such as music and films got me through, giving me hope. One of those was Bon Jovi, to which I got the chance to express to Jon in private in 2017 for an hour. Another is film, and you have been instrumental in that! I am now 30 years old, and these forms of art have become a focal point in my life.

You are an actor that I have looked up to and admired both on the set and off. I am a student of artists and actors while performing and while not. I love to see how they live their lives in a way that supports, fuels, and drives them to their success while performing. You are one of those people. I hope to meet you one day. However, until then I want to express to you my greatest sympathy, support, and admiration. You have taught me a lot, without knowing it, and I am eternally grateful! I don’t know how, but if there is ever anyway I could help you, please let me know!

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